Hi, I'm Quisha

I'm a Registered Nurse and Public Health Consultant and I teach "helping professionals" to monetize their skillset so they can build, launch, and scale a profitable public health consulting business using my proven step-by-step system.

My gift to you!

The Public Health Consultant's Starter Kit

A 43-page toolkit designed to help you build, launch, and scale your profitable public health consulting business.

I can show you how to create your own lane and thrive in it
(Just like I did!)

Trust me, I get it...
You love what you do and how you serve but you are starting to get burned out. You're drained, unfulfilled, and unmotivated from giving away your time, talents and gifts for free. You would love to take your education, skills, and life experiences and get paid for your expertise.

Like I said, I've been there! I've been exactly where you are right now! And guess what? I figured out how to make impact and income and I fell in love with serving again.

And I can also show you how...

Turn Your Experience Into Freedom!

with my Ready.Start.Launch! 6-Month Mentoring Program

The RSL! Mentoring and Coaching Program is a proven step-by-step system that helps participants build, launch, and scale profitable public health consulting businesses using my signature 6-step framework.

Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve read hundreds of blog posts and books, watched dozens of webinars and YouTube videos, attended conferences, listened to podcasts, purchased trainings, followed all the "influencers" and still, you’re not any closer to monetizing your skillset and starting your public health consulting business? On top of all this, you’ve got your day job, your family obligations, maybe you're even still in school finishing your degree....Does this sound about right? If so, you've come to the right place. 

Here's How I Serve Others


In need of a dynamic presenter with a speaking style that is motivational, inspirational, and transformational? Then book me for your next event!


I'm in the business of learning and I've built a business on training and professional development. Join my next workshop to go futher, faster!


 Let me help you monetize your skillset and skyrocket your business using my signature framework, Find out more Ready.Start.Launch!

What others say about working with me!

Quisha's subject matter expertise has grown not only our department, but our company's platform in improving the health of thousands across the country. She has coached numerous employees to deliver stronger and more impactful presentations, instilling confidence and pride in each presenter's unique skills.

Claire Foehrkolb, Clinical Content Senior Manager, RN 

(Organizational Client)

I sought professional advice from Quisha when I was preparing for a job interview. After going through a handful of interviews this past year and not receiving an offer, my confidence was lacking and my anxiety was high. Before I met with Quisha, she sent over some resources for me to go through explaining what to expect during our zoom meeting as well as interview questions for me to use while practicing. This allowed the meeting to go smoothly and helped me identify top of mind questions I wanted to ask. Quisha was flexible during the meeting allowing us to pivot throughout to make sure I was getting the most out of our time together. During the job interview I was able to confidently sell myself and my qualifications, as well as form answers to the questions they asked me that seemed to impress the interviewers. About an hour after the interview, I received an email congratulating me on being accepted for the position! Thank you Quisha for helping me feel confident and ready to crush this interview!

Kacey Creel, BS

(Professional Colleague)

I reached out to Quisha to develop the right mindset and to work on building my confidence to start my own business in community health. I have always had great ideas running through my head and felt like I needed to do something with those ideas. But the question was how do I do that? Where do I start? I connected with Quisha and started doing one on one coaching sessions with her. During the coaching sessions, Quisha advised me to think positively about myself, surround myself with individuals that inspire me, and set realistic  goals to achieve in a timely manner. She also helped me to see that focusing on my career was a higher priority than starting my business given my current circumstances. After working with Quisha for over 3 months, I felt supported, empowered, and motivated to advance in my career (And I did!) If you are looking for a great mentor that is going to be 100% authentic & supportive…Quisha is definitely the coach for you!
Thank you again Quisha for believing in me!!  

Kenyana Weaver, MPH

(Coaching client)

Quisha is an incredible human! She brings light to every room she walks in. I am a better presenter because of her. I always think..."What would Quisha do?" Meetings can be so humdrum sometimes and she always make them light, effective, and entertaining. I want to be like that!"

Ashley Kilpatrick, RN

(Former Colleague)

Thank you Quisha Umemba! Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit and sit in on a lecture with this magnificent book of knowledge. From her lecture I was able to sit down and have a transparent conversation with my boss about my weaknesses. 😱😬🤯 Typically, when speaking to our supervisors, we discuss how amazing we are at what we do and how we deserve a raise. Today I took a different approach. I was transparent about my weaknesses and areas where I desired to grow. He was in full support. All of this to say, as I am building my career porforlio my focus has shifted from the title I hold to the skill sets that I desire. What good is a title if you do not have the skills to support it.
Thanks two million Quisha!

KaWanna McCormick, Business Development Manager

(Workshop Participant)

"Working with Quisha (Umemba Health) has helped me become a better professional while always keeping my audience in the forefront of my mind. She has coached me on how to become a better presenter, work better with audience engagement, and create trainings that are meaningful and trainable to my audience. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to up their skill level as a coach or trainer."

Leeza Henderson, Senior Director-Content Production and Education Events

(Organizational Client)

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