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Quisha Umemba
Coaching and Consulting...

provides personal, professional, and leadership development services through coaching, consulting, speaking, and training. Led by Quisha Umemba, the PublicHealthPreneur™, Quisha teaches helping professionals how to start, grow, and scale a profitable public health consulting business. She also advises organizations on innovating workplace culture by nurturing intrapreneurship within their teams.

For Individuals

Pick Your Path to Purpose and Profit

Curious about public health entrepreneurship? Buy the book.

Ready to start your public health consulting business? Enroll in the course.

Need coaching and accountability? Get 1:1 support or group coaching.

My free gift to you!

The Public Health Consultant's Starter Kit

Learn how to leverage your expertise, package your genius, and monetize your skillset so you can start, grow, and scale a profitable business health consulting business that makes impact and income!

For Organizations

Prioritize Your People: Boost Performace and Profits

Book Quisha to be a speaker, facilitator, or trainer for your next event.

Get an ROI: Return on Impact! Assess your workplace culture for FREE.

Increase innovation and impact! Develop your leaders, nurture your intrapreneurs.

May purpose guide you and profits find you on the way to success.

-Quisha Umemba

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