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Coaching to help you start, grow, and scale your public health consulting business.
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A discovery session is a pick my brain session. Share with me your business goals and dreams, as well as your pain points. I will share with you some proposed solutions, helpful resources, and take-a-ways to help you gain clarity and understand the action steps you need to take next

A clarity/strategy session allows me to take a deep dive into your specific business needs and provide a strategy that aligns with your expertise. This session is a 90-minute laser-focused deep dive into 1 topic of your business.

Accelerate your results in an immersive high-impact VIP day experience that that garners rapid implementation and quick results. The VIP day experience includes a 90-minute strategy session,  a  4-hour intensive and 4 weeks of coaching and accountability.   

Join the PublicHealthPreneur membership and become a part of a community of growth, peer learning, professional development, networking, accountability, inspiration, skill enhancement, and access to exclusive members-only resources.

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Here's what others say about working with me!

"I've been able to automate many things within my business. I've also learned more about government contracts and getting certifications for my business. Quisha is patient, her willingness to help others is unmatched! Being in her community has helped me be more willing to come from behind the scenes in my business. We can lean on one another and learn. We want everyone to Win!! Thank you!"
Princess Jennings
"Quisha is an expert in her craft of not only nursing/public health but growing a business, acquiring business, but also expanding and maximizing every ounce of her expertise. She knows how to get to the bag and is generous in sharing and ensuring others have the knowledge as well. Quisha is a gem."
Nerissa Malloy
"Quisha’s public health entrepreneurship community and services have been a game changer for me. I joined the Facebook group a few months before I pivoted from part-time consulting to quitting my job and going all in. I was in need of improving how I write proposals, price my services, and grow my business mindset. Quisha is a woman of action, which I really resonate with, so having advice and resources that don’t just tell you how to get it done, but show you- with real receipts and examples- has been invaluable! Thank you Quisha for inspiring me and many other public health entrepreneurs & consultants!"
Vanessa Chilombo
"I am starting on my entrepreneurship journey. As I searched about public health consultants, another consultant on LinkedIn referred me to Quisha's community. It was a game changer. I realized I was not alone, and the desire to genuinely help fellow consultants is real. The free videos on the FB group helped me to get a sense of different components of being a consultant. The paid course showed me the first steps I would need to take and start an action plan. I loved the 1:1 discovery session the most, as it helped to confirm my unique expertise in the field and gain tailored insights from Quisha that were tailored to my circumstances. Quisha also ensured to follow up with action-oriented notes via email that helped me stay focus on my next steps. She actively connected me to another consultant in my field who was super welcoming, too. I am very grateful for Quisha's community."
Laura Gougeon
"My meeting with Quisha was the most encouraging meeting that I have had regarding my consultant idea and business. She has motivated me to keep moving, gave me tasks to complete and energized me to work on the next steps. I cannot to sit down and review our conversation so that I can get moving. I appreciate the time that she is taking to ensure that we are successful. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to continue to learn from you."
Monique Howard
"After traveling from Houston to attend Quisha's Ready.Set.Network Event in October, I found the inspiration I needed to establish my LLC. That evening, driving back from Dallas, my husband initiated the formation process and within six days, my LLC was officially established in Texas. Even before meeting Quisha face-to-face, her guidance proved invaluable—a true gift for aspiring consultants seeking to elevate their education and skills to new heights."
Brittny Rasmus
"Quisha's bubbly sprit and positive mindset has encouraged me to step into this space even when I didn't think the timing was not right for me.  But once you start in the journey there is no turning back.  Even with my unique style which I am coming into as a Subcontractor we both have had to come up with some creativity and our collaborative thoughts have been pretty awesome. Quisha is definitely one that you can lean on, but you will be held accountable."  
Angela Arder
I purchased the starter kit and have read through the book. The information was invaluable. I am still in the beginning stages and continuing to educate myself in this arena. You offer a wealth of information, in person, trainings, one-to-one, coaching, and so many other valuable resources, that could help individuals get a jumpstart in this career field.
Debra Tyson
Quisha is knowledgeable and very well structured in her business. She is authentic and by sharing her journey she has encouraged me and provided guidance on how I can move forward in my consulting business.
Kim Pettiford

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“If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
Tony A. Gaskins, Jr.