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Quisha Umemba

Public Health Expert and Storyteller Extraordinaire


Go-to public health expert, storyteller, freelance writer, and change-maker on a mission to ignite conversations that matter.

Quisha Umemba is a Registered Nurse, Public Health Practitioner, Non-Profit Founder, Social Entrepreneur, and 3x Author.

As a nurse with a passion for community well-being, Quisha embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between healthcare systems and the people they serve. From bustling hospital wards to community clinics, she witnessed firsthand the power of preventive care and education in transforming lives.

Through Umemba Health, her brainchild dedicated to empowering public health professionals and organizations, she has pioneered innovative training programs that empower individuals with practical skills for real-world impact.

From public health workshops to leadership seminars, she believes in equipping everyone with the tools they need to thrive. Quisha’s expertise in integrating Community Health Workers to address social determinants of health positions her as a leading voice in innovative healthcare strategies that advance health equity.

Whether it's shedding light on pressing public health issues or empowering individuals to harness their full potential, Quisha’s goal is to spark change and inspire action. Quisha is always eager to write or speak about topics that help to amplify voices, ignite conversations, and create a healthier, more equitable world for all.

Quisha serves as an Executive Contributor for the Color of Wellness Magazine and has been featured in Yahoo News. She has authored the following books: 'WIN Women in Nursing: The Entrepreneur's Anthology Volume 1', 'An Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Public Health Professionals', and the Amazon bestseller 'Public Health Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Intersection of Purpose and Profit'.

Nurse, Consultant, Speaker, Author