It's taken you years to find the job you have. You like the people, the work is rewarding, and you enjoy being stretched. You've learned so much and you are finally making the salary you deserve, but…you long to be the BOSS!

Are you considering taking the leap from corporate life to creative life?

Are you thinking about leaving the security of your government gig for the uncertainty of full-time entrepreneurship?

Learn how to leave on good terms and make your employer a paying client!


"It is with great conviction that I offer this resignation knowing that my absence may cause interruptions in service delivery. That is certainly not my intention. To that effect, I would like to offer my services in a reduced capacity on certain projects to help ease the burden of my transition until a replacement can be hired and trained. I hope that my job performance during my time here is sufficient justification for future collaboration."

The quote above is an actual snippet from a resignation letter that I submitted on May 16, 2022. I will never forget that day or the exhilerating (and liberating) feeling that I felt walking away from my 6-figure Corporate job to manage my consultancy as a full-time entreprenuer.  My husband said he thought the resignation letter came across as cocky but I knew it was simply matter-of-fact. I was leaving a job that I loved. The organization was loosing a valuable employee. Hiring me as a contractor only made sense because it was a win-win for both parties. 

I made myself irreplaceable.  Now my former employer is a client, paying me at a rate of $250/hr and you can do this too!

Info I will share with you

10 Tips to make you Irreplaceble in your current organization

My experience as the employee and now as the consultant 

My exit strategy and why I took the plunge 6 months sooner than expected

Why NOW is the best time to start a public health consultancy

Meet the Presenter

I'm Quisha! Registered Nurse and Public Health Practitioner. Believe me when I say that I have done it all! Last year I left a 6-figure corporate job to run a successful public health consultancy and I HAVEN'T LOOKED BACK!

If you are considering taking the leap but looking for ways to ensure a smoother transition from employee to CEO, I invite you to attend my free webinar where I teach you how to make your employer a paying client!
Quisha Umemba, MPH, BSN, RN, CDCES, CHWI

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“If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
Tony A. Gaskins, Jr.