Beyond the beside...

Posted On Oct 17, 2022 |

I remember going through a period of withdrawals when I left the hospital and started working for a local health department. I missed the patient interaction and thought I would never be able to impact others the way I did when I provided one on one care. Boy was I wrong! I think it was around the 6th month before I realized that I made more of an impact by pouring into my team, because they in turn went out and poured into others.

That’s what I love most about the business I have built. That I get to pour into others on a daily basis and know that they in turn will go out and pour into individuals, families, and the communities they serve.

People thought I was crazy for leaving nursing and going into public health, but you know what I found…another calling….

There is life beyond the beside.

There is opportunity beyond the beside.

There is purpose beyond the beside.

There is impact beyond the beside.

You can leave the beside and still put yourself in a position to change lives. Just like I did.

Don't believe me, check out my business feature in Yahoo News! This is proof that opportunity, growth, and support exists beyond the bedside.

You can read the article here.

Quisha Umemba is a Registered Nurse with a Public Health background. She teaches "helping professionals" to monetize their skillset so they can build, launch, and scale a profitable public health consulting business using her proven step-by-step system called Ready.Start.Launch! Find out more by visiting or schedule a 20-min discovery session.