"Go, No Go" Business Idea Validation Consult

30 minute consultation

"GO, NO GO" Business Idea Validation Session  (30-minutes)

During this session, I will help you determine whether your business ideas are profitable and worth your investment of time, energy, and resources. You can decide which ideas you want to move forward with.

You can also use this session as a "pick my brain" session to help you gain clarity or develop a strategy so your next move can be your best move.

This session is designed to be flexible, so we can focus on what’s going to be most beneficial to and for you!

Quisha Umemba

Known as “The Trainer’s Trainer”, Quisha Umemba is the CEO of Umemba Health LLC. She is a subject matter expert in public health and population health strategies that support workforce development and organizational performance, and she sought out for her expertise in clinical subject matters. Boasting multiple certifications and an impressive work history, Quisha has developed, implemented, and overseen numerous health initiatives and community collaborations throughout her 20+ years of experience. A nurse with a public health background, Quisha has a multifaceted, blended expertise that enables her to design uniquely specialized curricula and training programs with multi-level interventions. The result of her training programs is a multidimensional skillset that learners are immediately able to apply to the real world, improving public health and changing lives one person at a time.